Seedy Saturday

seedyThis Saturday 7th March 2020, is the West Wales, UK annual seed swapping event in Carmarthen, called Seedy Saturday.  Starting at 10am through to 3pm, it’s FREE ENTRY and held in St. Peter’s Civic Hall, Nott Square (up the top opposite NOMADS) SA31 1PG.  There’s refurbished tools for sale from Tools for Self reliance, scythe and permaculture experts at hand, eco stalls and food from Caffi Iechyd Da.

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Question: Can you actually taste your tomatoes?  I wonder, for maybe you’ve not properly as yet, as bought tomatoes don’t taste of much.  Thing is, over the last century the varieties of crops have dwindled and the bought tomatoes are produced NOT so much for their taste, but survivability during transit.  Seriously, consider growing your own from seed, perhaps some from this event.  Oh and just because here is Lya sharing how to talk about plants in French.

Anyhoo, I recommend you grow tomatoes, some that are sweeter or have a distinct delish (OMG I had to look up how to spell the word delicious) aroma that smells so fresh.  How about knowing you haven’t sprayed them with chemicals and that they are still fresh, so full of vitamins and minerals.  Most of all, how growing a few heirloom varieties and thus protecting their varieties, shapes, colours and not letting the big corporations (run by idiots) kill off our heritage!  The thought of seeds being licensed scares me and I hope it does you too.  Thing is, I’m not against developing strains of vegetables naturally, using for instance the Gregor Mendel‘s botanist pea methods (born 198 years ago), but we need to halt the GMO shite and for all our sakes, we really need to keep seed varieties open-source!  To also exchange food knowledge freely…  Battle against the very idea of patenting food sources.  For in a world full of starving people and food poverty, that’s the last greedy thing we need!  “All I am saying ~ is give peas a chance!”

person holding oval green vegetable with beans
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