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My mother said to me, that well before I was born she was offered the drug that contained thalidomide, for morning sickness.  This was how it was in the UK.  However, in America one woman (I’m honouring today): Dr Frances Kathleen Oldham Kelsey, was a pharmacologist and physician, a reviewer for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  She refused to authorise the drug thalidomide for market in America.  She had concerns about the drug’s safety and was determined (in spite of pressure from the drug company and them trying to go over her head to get it marketed) kept it out of circulation there.  Here in the UK however and in other countries, mothers were being offered it and many unborn children were deformed by it.  I feel equally for the women who took it and the children born deformed by this Thalidomide epidemic.  The deaths and problems caused were on a massive scale.  On a personal level, I wonder what would my life might have been like if mother had taken it?  However, my mother declined, saying something to the effect that she had lived through morning sickness before and will do so again.  Another one of my close calls!  What could have been repercussions for my children and grandchildren?  For unbelievably, some doctors and nurses killed off some of the newly born deformed babies, they actually killed them!  While there were other babies being presented to mothers who in shock and worry of their abilities, unsupported into keeping them were influenced into giving them up to institutions.  How these beloveds have survived and come through this, I’m just so amazed and impressed.

Mother was often loud (I see it in myself).  She was so outspoken and sometimes I hated that, but I’m actually really, really glad now.  For sure, she was embarrassing and how I remember how sometimes she would go off on one big time about some injustice.  Unfortunately, sometimes the rage was aimed at me and my failures (hence the times of hating that).  However, I was proud of the times she would do that equality thing gently, but firmly, to bring equity to children with limb deformatives and such like.  She would be there, delicately taking off the shoes of children with no arms or hands to free them, while staff were trying to stop her.  You know, I actually saw her throwing one pair right out of the playground once.  LOL she was a force to be reckoned with!  Sure, she wasn’t perfect, I’m not perfect, nor you Pal, but that all children in whatever shape they are born, are.  What happens after that is grace.

So, bottom line: Sometimes we have to stand up and say “NO!” and keep saying it in spite of pressure (like Dr Kelsey) and refuse to be pushed by devious measure put against us or our children.  I say sure, pick your battles (make sure it’s important) and stand by your guns (metaphorically speaking), but I also say to accept gracefully the consequences of being wrong or wronged, and in whatever way you can, just make this world you live in right now compassionate, equal, kind, peaceful, gentle and loving.

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