Read this LOL

Please be sensible and let’s get to the bottom of this, butt firstly don’t go over board like that stupid Cardiff school policy that made kids publicly take one sheet of toilet paper at a time, that’s really shit; or the other school I can’t remember the name of, that made their pupils line up on their way to the loo, only to be handed one or what they asked for of another student, on request!  Bonkers!! and dangerous!!!  However, I’m all for being a bit self regulated and with a sense of humour of course, I ask you nicely to read this:

  1. For those standing room only, no need for paper, but if you splash urine trouble!
  2. Number two big, BIG jobbies, well you’ll need to break 2 off, one at a time though and put them together, as this helps to NOT to block the drain.  I’m sure you’ll do a proper clean sweep, butt you might need to repeat to get things rectified.
  3. You don’t need to look so flushed Pterodactyl, as your P is silent and one sheet neatly folded is plenty, as the saying goes: a little dab will do yer 2:36.
  4. Yes, sure come on theatre luvvie being cut short on a period drama, ♀️ please feel free to take a wad (like the other overpaid actors) and go with the flow.
  5. Pretty please just don’t take a huge strip to dab off makeup, especially while there’s some sort of panic buying going on, for this is trees and you never know what you’ve got till it’s gone!
  6. BTW, I saw this on a poster of how the last toilet roll goes: 2 sheets left = moderation, 1 = precision, half = creativity and empty roll = panic.  Well, that’s all folks, I’m pooped!
male and female signage on wall
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