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ceramic sink in hair salon
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

First things first, I just wanna say that I don’t want to put hairdressers out of business.  Well I wouldn’t mind if that smooth talking, persuasive con job woman in Swansea did (she knows who she is).  The woman sits on her doorstep and invites people in off the empty street into her shop (folks like myself who are minding their own business).  She makes out like she’s offering a freebee, then at the end of it all she rips them off!  She’s a hustler, a sly money-mad con job entrepreneur, that I feel could be just one step away from being a bloody Sweeney Todd!!

In any case, in any hairdressers anywhere, I’m personally not that keen on being put in a goldfish bowl style window to be like a peep show for passers by.  She didn’t do that, she had me out the back, wait, that’s not what I meant.  Moving swiftly on.  I know me now, I normally just don’t like anyone to faff with my hair, especially whilst playing with sharp scissors and what’s with all that pushing my head this way, then pushing it that… I know that ain’t all necessary, so nope!

I much prefer to be self sufficient or is that self efficient?  Call it what you will, but to be frugal when the money coming in is at a low or to save for something, this is one obvious way.  Haircuts are an unnecessary expense I can personally live without.  See, thing is too, that I’ve been fortunate over the years to be able to learn how to cut other people’s hair, via my families heads.  Only if you’ve seen a bowl cut walking down the street going to school in the 90’s, that wasn’t my doing, honest! {{{giggles}}}  Well, I still get asked to trim some of my families hair, so they weren’t all bad.  Nowadays though, I mostly trim my own and super quick like a sprinter.  I use pinking shears (so there’s no straight lines) and in only seconds going “chop, chop, chop!” it’s done and on goes a hat and jobs a good ‘n’.

Anyways, you know right, these days anyone can learn how to trim hair properly, via YouTube.  I think, as long as you go slow and start with just a little trim it should be fine.  If your going to do your own hair for the first time, my advice is to have lots of mirrors set up ready, use a place where others won’t disturb you and give yourself plenty of time to faff and clean up after.  Thing is that in whatever way you chose to be or end up as, you can be you and be awesome from the inside out.  If you wanna keep it long, do very little if anything.  If you wanna go all girly {{{shudder}}} you can always keep it out of the way with a homemade headband, scrunchie or a bow and anyways, it’s your body.  Bottom line about cutting hair: Be prepared to fail and live with that, as it’s like life itself as hair today and gone tomorrow!

several scissors
Photo by Nick Demou on Pexels.com

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