Comeback boots

Be careful what you wish for and Beloved, try your hardest to keep your heart’s desire always kind in spite of being hurt.  Take time out, so you can be kind to yourself and regroup as kind, to be kind to me, kind to them, kind to all.  For when others haven’t or aren’t being kind, please don’t join in or revenge or let others do that for you, that will rob you of what peace you’re clinging onto.

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Thing is, I’ve noticed that when fools want to vent their anger, they look for others to support their actions and incite violence.  Well Beloved, step away and leave those tempting retaliation comeback boots behind!  Go on your own alone and totally barefoot if you have to, in fact run if you can.  For anyone who thinks they can dish it out for whatever reason, well they’re likely to be getting kicked by another pair of comeback boots.  For know this: Revenge springs back threefold to those who dish!  Are you listening to my wise thoughts?  Oh I hope so.  Do you agree that we do NOT want that revenge or revenge by proxy shite?  Again I do hope so.  I see revenge for what it is: really bad juju and a temptation to totally ruin lives (to receiver, the giver and all around).  It’s just pure shit, utter stupidity, that destroys when there’s so many other creative things to be getting up to.  My advice for what it’s worth:

Do NOT revenge or you’ll slip up on some!

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