Stranger things

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I know it’s horrible, no it’s terrible what’s actually happening to individuals and families affected by this virus.ย  It’s like some wicked game of chance and just so horrendous to ponder it totally.ย  The details of these early deaths and of those being in intensive care (or not due to age) and the worry, shit the worry must be pain itself.ย  Yet I mostly feel sorry for those actually effected by the virus, as [Get Well Soon] doesn’t cover it, but it’s all I have, plus to send out thoughts of [Peace] to their loved ones.

Yet I’m also thinking that all this staying at home malarkey of those not so ill with it or have a cold and doing the right thing (just in case), well it’s doing the planet a world of good.ย  There’s less planes going on holiday and less commuting (working from home) so less polluting the atmosphere and people are learning how to amuse themselves at home.ย  If you wish to stay in darkness and especially if you’re photophobic, then I won’t demand you look on the bright side.ย  Yes, I’m probably the weird one as usual.ย  I sound horrid, but seeing some light come out of this dark place could well be what other people are also thinking.ย  For a change, as stranger things have happened, maybe I’m not alone in my thinking.ย  You see, I’ve walked with the black dog and with extreme worry myself, where I’ve found making light of things is one of the things that keeps it in check!ย  So yes, I make light of many things e.g. STRANGER THINGS is a 19 point score and that’s a coincidence in this scrabble of life.

stranger things letter tiles
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