Clootie dumpling

This is an all season dessert, you can make anytime and almost anywhere, even as a good camp fire cake, because you don’t need a cooker.ย  It’s not too plain, yet not too rich, made with eight ingredients.ย  Plus, you only need something to mix it in, a large enough saucepan, a saucer, a tea towel of natural material (cotton or linen, but not terry towelling as it has to be flat fabric), oh and a piece of string (not plastic) to tie the pudding into the cloot (a Scottish word for cloth).

ash black bucket burn
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on

So, using the largest pot you have, fill it very nearly full of 1) water and bring to the boil. ย Mix 2) self raising flour (or plain and a little baking powder), 3) oatmeal (or oats), 4) molasses sugar or dark brown, 5) sultanas and 6) ginger (alright and cinnamon if you like, but just remember that I personally hate it), then blend in the sieved juice from a 7) tin of chickpeas and just enough 8) veggie milk to firm.ย  Put your linen tea towel (cloot) into the boiling water first, then spread it out flat and sprinkle liberally with plain flour all over the middle (or self raising if you have no plain), then the mix and tie up (leaving a bit of room for growth).ย  Place the saucer upside-down at the bottom of a deep pan and put the cloot in and simmer for 3 hours.ย  When done, remove the cloth gently and carefully, leaving the floury skin to dry out before the fire (can be sprinkling of sugar) to form a crust.ย  Eaten as is or with a sauce or it can be fried in a little veggie marg.

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