Held On poem

This is scheduled for today, because it will be Poetry Day.Β  Let this one and perhaps another to go out into the big wide world for free (before I publish my poems and verses perhaps on kindle) and this is called Held On:


Wait a second, hold on, as this is my fact,

I do miss you, that person I loved and this ain’t no act,

I miss who we were, so close as I thought all along,

Before all the crap, the sickness and it going so wrong.


Fact two is, I missed you a long time ago,

Before all the cracks actually started to show,

Back then who you were, already had started to leave,

For you changed and I changed and I started to grieve.


Big changes, not the same, things I could no longer ignore,

Then nothing what was good ~ could hold on anymore,

and I walked.


automatic city control crossing
Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com


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