Thanks to Mothers

We’re all here thanks to mothers, for as yet not one bloke or test tube has given birth.ย  Therefore to all mothers, my wish is they’re shown some love and gratitude.ย  So being traditional for a moment: “Happy Mothers Day” and “Thank you“.ย  As for those who take on other people’s children because there’s a need and become mothers that way, wow you’re lovely and crazy.ย  For babies and adult a like can be a worry and such a handful!ย  Kids playing up or running wild can seem like it’s a job of herding kittens!ย  Bless those mothers who cope and don’t kill the little [lots of expletives here] and a big thank you to all those who do parenting so compassionately well and still keep smiling (miracles do happen).ย  For those who cry too, sending lots and lots and lots of love.

kitten cat rush lucky cat
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