Addendum  Did I sleep well last night?  Can you hear my one very loud, strange manic “HA!” from there?  Can you imagine in your minds eye me last night, as my brain muttered something like ‘Sleep, Sleep wherefore art thou Sleep’?  And to think that before all the covid-19 distress and restrictions making us all a little Grinchy, I actually had the audacity to create this post [Bedtime] and schedule it

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As a child we’re best given plenty of time to sleep.  We might be taught (by practice mostly) a good sleep habit, with the words “Bedtime! NOW!” and even if the light is streaming through the window, with teddy still wide awake, we had to go.  Later on into adulthood though, we have to self regulate.  This is when all sorts of things get in the way of a good night’s sleep, worry, responsibilities, did I mention worry?  Mostly at first though, it might be because life as an adult includes fun activity during the night (things we hadn’t factored in), as days are still just as full and draining in different ways.  Well, sleep patterns settle down or not, and if not, it’s then we need to pay attention to our body holistically.  We need to notice the times we feel alert and when we’re drowsy; when and what we eat, the spontaneous exercise moments and slumps…  Our body will give us the heads-up as when is our best times for our own good sleep habit.  You know: Going to bed at set times that suit our own 24 hour circadian rhythm and not eating just before…  If you having problems, I recommend spending a bit of time working a rough timetable.  Hey, and I know full well how a good film on the telly can stop me from rising off the settee and going to bed.  How stubborn I can sometimes get, keep me up well into the wee small hours of the morning.  Oh and don’t get me started on the bloody intrusiveness on our fragile bodies due to this UK and Ireland thing called Daylight savings time (by the way that’s happening this weekend), but all in all maybe we don’t need so much, right?

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Nerdy science stuff you probably already know:  A circadian rhythm is any biological process that displays a 24-hour rhythm observed in us, other animals, plants, fungi and even cyanobacteria.

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