NOT to be broken

Time and time again, my mind isn’t with how people are feeling about being isolated, bored, alone and well.  My mind doesn’t stay long with how we will all learn from all of this of who we and others are.  I’m thinking a lot about the ones who will not make it, REALLY alone, isolated from human touch, suffering…  Some will catch covid-19 because someone else felt they NEEDED to ignore the rules and instructions.  Please don’t be that person.  Don’t break the guidelines, as this is no time to rebel, these are lifesaving instructions.  Thing is Beloved, if you brake these rules, you might brake other peoples lives and your life is NOT to be broken in having to live with such thoughts.  So stick with it, as I do and all of us must distance our bodies and keep our hearts as one.  Thank you.

warning sign in church
Photo by Anna Shvets on


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