Scarecrows invade

scarecrow 2scarecrow 1In Scotland scarecrows are called tattyboggles and quite rightly so, with their tatty clothes and mind boggling ways.

I loved reading how the residents of Cotherstone, UK have had an annual scarecrow challenge and I do hope they keep this up.  For each year they decided a theme and asked the locals to create a garden scarecrow (scare, not hurt) for their fun weekend event.  They do the usual summer village thing of having a carnival, craft stalls, games and activities… with all the proceedings going to charity.  These images I scooped up off of google earth.  I think it’s a brilliant idea and would love to live in a place that took up such a challenge and had a bit o’ fun with it.  We might be able to do this as an online exhibition.  Have a laugh and enjoy getting out into the garden or balcony or even putting one up stuffed with whatever we have to hand, perhaps sat on the loo holding an empty bogroll?  As long as you don’t scare the people you’re living with, for we have to avoid sending anyone to the A&E!!!  Anyways, these days we all have to think outside of the box, learn new and inventive ways to make good of what we can do, not taking any risks doing things we shouldn’t.

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