Stand away anger

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Some (not all) people are being selfish [use expletives of choice here] and ignoring the distancing rules, the travelling rules and generally being [use more expletives of choice here] people, but please don’t act out any anger when you see them, for that just doesn’t get anyone anywhere fast.  When I feel hate and angry towards someone however briefly, it’s usually because they failed to live up to my beliefs and expectations of them and I’m hurting.  Thing is, I don’t want to hold onto that.  It’s not who I want to be.  So I can see the point of that Buddha quote: ‘Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.’  We all don’t want that, no one does, “No!” and I know all about that drinking poison thing. due to a mix up with a lemonade bottle.

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You see: Once upon a time… I was a kid and my father wasn’t that up on accident prevention around the home.  He had a cellar with home made things in it, including a disc saw made from I think an old spin drier.  It wasn’t that we weren’t allowed down there, for there was the train set.  You could stoop underneath and pop out in the middle to watch Poly (the little red one) crash off the corner at speed…  Anyways, he put turps in a lemonade bottle and stored it in that cellar.  Then of course my mother thought it was actually lemonade and brought it back upstairs into the kitchen and placed it near some other bottles of pop (believe it of not the brand name was Corona) and I drank it and felt weird and hurting and passed out, where someone has since told me I went blue… so it was that someone had found me and off I went to hospital (remembering now a few yucky waking up things)… and here I am now.  So I have some personal experience to back up the notion that it’s a very, very bad idea!  All of it, storing things in unsafe ways, taking up precious hospital spaces via stupidity…

Anyways, thing is, we can all be stupid or do stupid things or be in the wrong place, at the wrong time where others are being stupid or done stupid things…  So obviously I want to let go of any anger and especially hate caused by whatever it is or was that others are doing or done.  I want to live and let live, to let live happily, lovingly, peacefully in a safe world!  For although I might feel anger, I won’t hold onto hate.

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