Apple gloop caked

Some things I cook can be described as “interesting” and questioned “what is it?”, but that it doesn’t stop me.Β  For you see cooking is a science and I’m a scientist that likes to experiment to provide edible grub and quickly.Β  Take yesterday for instance, there was a few eating apples that looked a little sad and I fancied pudding, so I did what I knew of baking a cake = Mixing dry and wet to a thick gloop consistency and then baking that to dry it out.Β  So yesterdays recipe (if that’s what you can call it) goes: Turn oven on, grease tins and tap around a little flour to dust the bottom (stops things sticking), place dry ingredients (self raising flour and sugar) into a big bowl and stir; peel and large chunk the sad apples into water whilst watching the repeats of quizzes on telly (therefore realising why you know the answers); put some wet ingredients into the blender and blend, WHEN the cooker is at around 120 degrees, drain the apples and plop them into the dry stuff and turn the dry over them, then add the wet stuff to the dry and stir until it only just comes together (adding a little more flour if necessary to get to a gloop consistency), place evenly into the tins, sprinkle with a pinch of sugar and bake until golden and that when a knife is stuck in the middle of the cake it comes out not sticky.Β  Totally delish served with a little Swedish Glace vegan ice cream.

red apple
Photo by John Finkelstein on

So, what do you call an academic paper written by a pudding?


It’s a dessertation.

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