Face it

DreamSo, last night I dreamt so much and all weird as dreams usually are, but that I can only recall a few things.  Such it is, that only dribs and drabs of strange unconnected imaginations come to mind now:  There was a gentle warm summer walk along what looked like either an old railway cutting or between two overgrown slag heaps or maybe it was mixed with the memory of the sand dunes of Swansea bay behind the university campus, called Crymlyn Burrows.  Anyways, over the top was a view of a large expanse of dry barren soil and to the left was a junction for all sorts of transport, trains, cars, lorries and traffic lights, I remember the traffic lights.  Also (and so very unconnected) a spin drier, that when I went to take my washing out, there stuck on the inside of the drum was a pretty cotton doily.  It wasn’t mine this pretty circle of lace, and what was I to do with it?  It wasn’t mine and I have no need of it.  I held it up and there was no one around to ask “Who’s doily is this?” ~ “Who’s doily is this please?”, but not that it stopped me from asking.  Oh and how did I get into this queue to pay for dinner (that I started to think wasn’t vegan and felt upset about), but that as I slowly edged forward in this queue, slow, step by step by step, slow went the queue and how will I ever get home at this rate?  Then someone (who was being and acting so F###ing sly near me) saw an opportunity (as I was looking the other way) to lean around the backside of me and stole my money from my jeans back pocket!  He ran away so damn fast and kept running and no one got in his way, no one, they all backed off, as I had dropped my cool and was furiously legging it alone after him ~ towards those traffic lights, with my mind was all {{{how will I get home without money?}}} and {{{I need to catch him up or I will be late}}} and {{{what do I do now with this bloody stupid doily?}}}.  Face it, no one is going to jump out and stop the man running, for at the moment no one wants anyone to invade their personal space just in case they’re infected, so all my shouting “Stop thief, he’s stole my money!” was in vain and the queue had disappeared…  That part of the dream seemed like a nightmare, but that it was all just entertaining my sleeping brain and thankfully before I knew it, it was over and I can look forward to a beautiful day even though the clouds cover the drab sky and the media will punch the news.

full moon faceWe can face it.  As for two faced people, the Moon isn’t one of them, for it only shows one towards the Earth, it’s the same gentle face shining the reflection of the life giving Sun.  Unlike some people who have big problems, with their self interests and being inconsistent, bless ’em I thankfully again don’t think I associate with anyone like that.  Thing is, can they really help themselves?  I doubt it.  For if they’re perhaps born with the propensity for being false or more likely grown up learning that it’s their only option (which it isn’t), then they’ve the problem each moment on deciding which face to present to the world.  Therefore, we have the job to discern what it will be each day (good and kind or selfish and cruel).  As for this moon, will the clouds part from my dream and in reality allow the moon to shine forth the new phase tomorrow morning and allow us to see it full and beautiful on the 7th May the “Flower Moon”?  I hope so.

atmosphere blue cloud clouds
Photo by NEOSiAM 2020 on Pexels.com

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