International Dance Day

man holding percussion instrument
Photo by James Ranieri on

International Dance Day is held on 29th April to promote art and culture, to raise awareness regarding the art of dance.  I’m all for that healthy and joyous exercise, but just at the moment the only feasible dance for safe keeping is probably a solo!  I’ve been fortunate to enjoy trying out so many styles, but that belly dance is my genre of choice.  Lately I’ve been pondering bhangra and if there’s a way of purchasing a vegetarian dhol drum (not to be confused with doldrums which is an expression of feeling sad and NOT recommended).  I’ve played a dhol drum briefly at an event and it’s ever since reminded me of that kids game of tapping your head, whilst rubbing your tummy.  One end does the deep notes and the other the higher ones.

Anyways, I think if I was in one of those long queues I dreamt about yesterday, standing there, waiting to get into a supermarket and needing the loo, well there might be a really big need to be dancing on the spot!  However, moving swiftly on ~ How many dancer teachers does it take to change a light bulb? ~ Five? Six? Seven? Eight?

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