Just words

Last week I created a crossword puzzle that took a while to create and if you haven’t seen it, here’s the link:  Crossword  I hope someone gave it a go and enjoyed my effort, but that making it had it’s own intrinsic value and rewards.  Anyways, at around suppertime the answers will be revealed as a scheduled post, don’t look if at a later date you wish to try the crossword out.  In any case, I just want to remind you that words are the main way we are communicating these days and I encourage you to keep sending them out and bringing them in.  We have to live without hugs, no hand shakes and no faire la bise...  and so all we have just now is words.  Use them, encourage them, put them out over the phone, over t’Internet and even send some via snail mail as letters and cards via the post can keep people’s morale up.  Please don’t “Haud yer whisht!” which literally means Hold your hush / Be quiet in a Scottish dialect or “Shut your geggie” meaning Close your mouth, because we all need to keep lines of communication open.  Come on, even swearing has to be more acceptable now and FFS drop the posh telephone voice.  Have some heart to heart, pure golden moments of truth or just a few minutes of “I’m fine, you okay?”… and maybe write your feelings into a journal to our future selves.

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Photo by Arun Thomas on Pexels.com

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