Flower Moon

full moon sunshineHere’s to the full “Flower Moon” I was banging on about a few days back.  Happening this morning, but apparently more visible later tonight (as usual weather permitting).  Yer know what though,  due to the clear sky I saw the moon a few times this week whilst pottering around in the garden.  At one point during the day, it was right over the roof top, just slightly south/east and I could see so much of the details just with my eyes.  I stood there staring up, with the house shielding me so I could get a good gawp on.  Thing is, unlike what many reference books say, us Earth dwellers can actually see around 59% of the moon from here and not just 1/2 of it.  This is apparently, because the moon’s surface and rate of revolution is not uniform.  It’s said that the moon actually sways and this is why we’re able to see just around the edges from time to time.  However, only one side of the moon is ever visible and the other stays dark.  It appears to us in different parts of the sky, reflecting the life giving rays of the sun back upon us Earth dwelling beings, flora and fauna.

sky space moon astronomy
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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