Hats to wear

Generally as humans:Β  If lucky, a human might wear many hats as a person over a long time and get the experiences of a full lifetime.Β  Be honest,Β hats or titles do NOT maketh the man/woman, but what kindness found under it is of more importance.Β  Please realise, that some poor little darlings come into this vast world and don’t get the chances others do.Β  Therefore my advice is to notice that you have a life and enjoy chances with that one head.Β  A head that you need to look after, in order to enjoy a good long and beautiful life hat or no hat, beret, boater, hat or not hatted.Β Β I therefore also suggest respectfully, that you be the best of who we are under whatever hat you’re expected to wear or get to choose to wear and to please note:

  1. Generally we’ve little control over what hats we might have to wear, but it’s best to bare some well under pressure to get on and thrive.
  2. The world does NOT owe any of us the best hats and they’re really not always what they’re cracked up to be anyway.
  3. Finally, when we find a hat that hurts and really doesn’t fit us, heads up luv, please don’t keep wearing it!
woman sitting at ground facing grass covered field
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

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