Can of Human poem

Rules to follow to achieve,

Pressure on to succeed,

Floating stop, but at full speed.


Can of human needs to play,

With limited choices of the day,

In a spaceship far away.


Stuff to do, some things can’t try,

Needs to laugh, sometimes to cry,

Stuck at home same rules apply.


Imagination might turn a trick,

Look around, make something quick,

Still stay inside, don’t be a dick!


Poem over, maybe if you’re stuck for something to do, you might want to make a spaceship from a pop bottle?  Perhaps place messages within it and shoot them across the room?  Thing is Beloveds, keep communicating in whatever shape of form you can, as not being able to communicate sucks! and here it sucks throat lozenges I bought for the first aid box, just as all this started.  I’m not being paid to advertise, but the occasional orange flavoured Dequadin really hits the spot!  Damn it, I hate not being able to chat over the phone!  So my question is, before he got his computer upgraded, how the hell did Stephen Hawking cope? but that he did bless ‘im, he did and we all have to adapt too, help each other to cope and be kind to each other more!  We are human and we can., this can of human seems to just about, mostly, just don’t ask me, because replying verbally just now is a pain.


message sender

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