Frugal holiday

green tent near trees
Photo by Stefano Arancibia Arancibia on

Even if it has to be pretending to be outdoors when indoors and using bedding tied between furniture (I won’t dictate at what age) camping can be a fun game.  If possible, camping out under the stars and breathing in some fresh air, tent with a view, with just some essentials has to be a real holiday at any age in my mind.  For the frail there’s the possibility of “Glamping” and for the very young being with their responsible guardians for safety, can be an awesome adventure.  Without having to travel too far, we’ve had some amusing fun in the past with family, but that there’s even been putting what we’ve needed into pull~along bags and going by train abroad.  Memories and strange recalls coming from it all.  For example, zipping up the door as the rolling Devon mist surrounds the tent, as someone reads out the newspaper of an escape from the local prison, then hearing Dartmoor ponies snort right next to the tent!!!  But generally enjoying the great outdoors or at least learning something about ourselves from it.

tents surrounded by trees
Photo by Lukas on

Always attempting to make a little home from home each time.  With washed ready fruit and veggies, as there’s no need to cook for a few days and it’s such a break from domesticity (unless everyone decides to nominate one person to attempt to cook).  Personally, I’ve never really been into those camp fire songs, but have to admit to singing in the car on the way.  There’s been little tents, big tents, several tents together to give older kids a little bit of independence, yet stay safe and even pop up tents inside bigger ones for the little persons.  It’s been good mostly or an experience e.g. learning about the ferociousness and persistence of Scottish midges and how to handle allergies or sun burn or realising the many strange personalities of other annoying campsite users, but still it’s mostly been good and especially in the not so crowded spaces, whatever the weather, using a map, taking a fully charged phone, sunscreen, allergy pills… and telling someone responsible where you are going and when to expect you back.

You know, even putting some sort of tent up in the garden, for kids to play in as a den during the day, can be fun instead of being stuck indoors.  Plus, if safe to do so, allowing the kids to stay out to eat supper in it.  With torches to play making shadow puppets, they can be back safe indoors before a later-than-usual, bedtime.  It all has to have plenty of merits in it don’t you think?  Subject to set boundaries of course and age appropriate time limits, so they can do the same another day or have to wait a while for their next adventure, because they’ve pushed those boundaries (thus learning the life lesson gently of cause and effect).  Seriously, camping has plenty of merits in it, not least of all it’s frugal and as cheap as you want or need to make it.

photo of tent at near trees
Photo by Josh Hild on


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