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Some feel they have no options, none, zilch.  Those precarious Beloveds.  Others know they have choices, yet stick with it and do their best in situations that are dire.  Thankfully, I’ve the mentality that always believes I’ve plenty of alternatives, like options are the colours of the rainbow and all the shades of the sky.  Even when it looks bleak as if there’s none, there’s always something kind lurking somewhere I’ve been grateful for, as hope and patience might reveal.  It might mean that looking in the periphery for my choices has been the best option, especially if looking straight on doesn’t come up with anything acceptable.  It’s meant sometimes of totally letting go and other time holding on so very tightly.  Over the years there’s been moments I’ve gleaned from day to day.  Other times I’ve gone sideways to go forward.  I find that if I don’t come up with a solution one day, to leave it alone and look into it the next and the next and the next…, but to always leave gaps in the thinking and rest from it, for then there might lay the answer in those peaceful moments.  Rest, yes we all need to rest and sometimes just gently sway as we listen, between life’s hectic mental dances that we love to dance and leap and clap our hands and nod our heads and laugh at the many tunes of life!

Thing is to remember, that the answers right on one day, may not be right the next after a good rest.  This is life, adapting to changes and doing the best we can in kindness to each situation.  To weigh up the options and make peaceful and compassionate choices, even unto ourselves.  May you always make the best of what you have available to you and live in kindness, taking in breaths of peace.

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Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

Addendum:  I accept my life is more privileged due to what I look like, where I live and how I communicate.  What is happening in the world for those born into places full of racism, sexism, class wars and the like, for my part I am not wishing this on anyone.  Here’s to equity and liberty to live fully the potential for kindness and enjoyment.

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