1 Stone

I need to drink less coffee with sugar and move into drinking more rose hip tea.  As how did the one coffee of a morning become an all day free for all? and this pantry full of snacks has to stop!  We’re all not getting out (unless you’re allowed or not being sensible), and we’re not visiting and helping each other, but sitting watching stupid telly or when we do get out, we’re standing around in a queue… it’s a sign of the time, but I take full responsibility and intend to “weigh” up my options in a compassionate “way”.  Coming on to that, I don’t usually weighed myself, but I did.  I’m always around the same weight that I’m fine with (even though it’s not an ideal according to statistics).  Only after trying on my smart clothes (I haven’t needed to wear of late) I found they are too small!  That’s why the scales came out and I’m an extra stone.  No wonder the smart things don’t fit.  I’m kind to myself, so I’m saying it’s nothing to worry about, but that I might need to:

  1. Buy new clothes.
  2. Sort out my new snackful eating habits.
  3. Exercise more and stop binge-watching.

Well number 1, the clothes shops are shut here in Wales and ebay isn’t giving me the happy I’m looking for.  Number 2, I realise vegan food comes in all shapes and sizes these days in supermarkets, but that I might need to be more savvy and more mindful.  As for 3, I’m doing a lot less of my normal activities, a hell of a lot less, so I’m like a lot of other people when faced with more indoor life.  We’re going to have to be kind to ourselves and give our bodies some exercises.  I’m opting for more dance practice without breaking anything.

man in white shirt and gray pants jumping on black wooden wall
Photo by Julio Motta on Pexels.com

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