3D Petals

In my childhood my mother had an art studio (sounds posh, wasn’t).Β  I recall many of her dabbles in so many different arts and crafts, that most was for sale and to make a bit of money to make ends meet.Β  Some of the aesthetics was expression and questionable, some was purely home decorative and sold easily.Β  Later when I studied Fine Art, I found art can be more complicated than I realised, in that even the pronunciation of some famous artists can be tricky.Β  Take Van Gogh for instance, you probably know this already that his name looks a bit like it would be pronounced “Van Gog” or “Van Gof” when in fact it’s “Van Go”.Β  So anyways, with that in mind a failed art theft was foiled, because he didn’t have enough Monet for Degas to make the Van Gogh. {{{giggle}}}Β  Come on, it’s good to laugh, but moving swiftly on, I love to learn new skills that are either useful or make things more beautiful, to repurpose and prettify…Β  Here’s an image I made of a craft I’m leaning, of how to make petals stick up from material, to create 3D flowers, enjoy:

3D Petals

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