Verbum is Latin for: The word.  So word up: No one wants to die from an avoidable disease, so fear puts our bodies into self isolation.  I have to admit, each time I see the words “Word up“, it reminds me of the song I was listening to, the actual moment I had a head on collision with a lorry down a little countryside, single track back road (no lasting injuries), as I was all happy and jolly one minute, then round the corner it hit me

Anyways, moving swiftly on, recently humanity has been self incarcerated for so long, it’s become like natural coiled springs for the playmate anger.  So anger comes out to play with fear, and what a horrible, dangerous mix!  As quiet little rules abiding fear doesn’t want to die, loud anger wants to take revenge for being locked up and wreak havoc!  Once the mix is in a public place, the danger is tasteable (there must be a better word for it).  Everyone knows the truth, that these emotions fear and anger always want to play dangerous games together, but it seem unavoidable as we need supplies and fresh air.  Thankfully, compassion and mercy try to make us see reason and keep a level head. 

There’s a saying “A word to the wise is enough” (the equivalent Latin phrase: Verbumsapienti sat est“).  Translated into French “Mot à la sage: Compassion“, in Bulgarian дума за мъдро състрадание“… With that in mind, I feel the most important word to the wise (or not so wise) needs to be compassion (the equivalent word in Latin is Misericordia which also means mercy, as the word miseri  means miserable, perhapsthe second part cordia meant soothe, but don’t quote me on that).  The world needs compassion in dealing with each other and ourselves right now, we’ve been coiled, let’s be coiled to do a spot of mercy please and a massive bag of compassion (as seen here). We don’t need more flawless perfection, that doesn’t work without airbrushing.  We really do need compassion to all sentient beings, so we can be here for each other in kindness, gentleness and a loving dollop of peace.

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