Echo poem

Greek myth Echo was so sad,
Yearning for some silly lad,
Reflections rippled in the lake,
His love was such a big mistake,

Delusions seemed to set their tone,
Echo walked the woods alone,
Self respect is not the same,
As disrespecting selfish aim.

Hurtful slights so hollow,
As a child we too might follow,
Wiser refuses Echo’s name,
It means another person’s game.

Ignored to almost nothingness,
Muted down unnoticed stress,
This story doesn’t sound so kind,
Of leaving just a repeat behind.

We’re not the myths, they’ve all gone,
I say sing a better song,
Kindness to all we can un-shame,
With self compassion to reclaim.

parthenon greece landmark
Photo by jimmy teoh on

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