Boo boo

Just like from the film Evan Almighty, I got a boo boo!!!  It started out as I was gardening, as an “F it!” thorn getting jabbed up and under my nail at the side.  Which of course for good measure got knocked several times during that day.

white black and brown snail on green leaf
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From then on, boy o’ boy has it been annoyingly painful!  It’s actually throbbed pain for the last few days and gone stiff as a board, so anything I do has been slow as a snail.  Yes, I dug out the culprit and bathed it, plus I’ve slathered it in antiseptic cream and keep it covered in a plaster (actually several for padding).  Last night however, I let it breathe while I slept and this morning I woke to it still itchy/hurt, but not so bruised or throbbing, yet still slightly stiff.  This means it’s on the mend “Woohoo!”, but if I knock it I know the score, that it will go back to square 1.  Thankfully no gardening at the moment and it’s my left pointy finger and I’m right handed.  Still I’m having to type this with it stuck in the air and having to use my driving finger on the F key (actually my typing is now soooo slow).

As all modern persons, because it looked angry and lasted for a while, I looked at images online of finger boo boos and BTW I didn’t type that in the search engine, I’m not that “twp” (Welsh word for dull/stupid).  So then of course, I was to worry if turned into a whitlow {{{shudder}}} as these things look nasty and are contagious!  Thankfully it isn’t, but as all Internet searches do, we will find the worst case scenario and imagine bits of us dropping off!  Only damn it, it still being hurtful and stiff means I’ll need to stick to plasters again today and using my driving finger, as there’s some updating of my training using a keyboard for the answers.  Here’s a play on words: That maybe with a sticky plaster on my finger, I might need to plaster stickers above the keyboard to keep going:

sticky notes on glass wall
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Update 6th July (5 days later):  I cleaned the finger regularly and kept it under plasters.  I thought all was going slow, but steady, then I took my gloves and the plaster off on Sunday and found under the area it had gone green!  Oh and this wasn’t just any green, but lime green!  So a chat to the doctor over the phone, I was to go straight away to the out of hours in the hospital and pick up a prescription for Flucloxacillin, then go to Tesco to have that dispensed.  There I took the first pill straight away with some water.  At home I took off the plaster and got tempted to poke the bulging skin and yes of course the purest green came forth!  Without it being treated, there is a risk of not just losing the finger, but also sepsis that kills!  I woke this morning and knew I had to share how I knowing full well and appreciate 100% that I am so lucky to be here, for here in the UK we really are so fortunate to have the NHS and really do need to Keep the NHS safe.

P.S. Oh and at least it wasn’t as bad as Pustulio from Invader Zim!

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