Show a leg

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Well, unlike the usual me of being the first to wake, I was woken with a “Good Morning” and the smell of a cup of coffee on my bedside table.  How sweet is that?  Lucky, lucky, lucky me!

After faffing around to muster my mind into action and to turn on the laptop, I’ve now lost what I may have been dreaming of.  I do feel there may have been something nautical going on in my sleep, for I thought of my father’s wake up call of “Show a leg!” as my mind started up.  My father was in the British navy as a Chief Petty Officer, but I know little of what that meant.  Most of his life was spent at sea, so he did have expressions and opinions that seem to have been installed into his mind from the experience.  The navy is the militay at sea.  I heard unpleasant names for a whole host of nations from him and I think it came from being indoctrinated during those years.  I think it was basically to make sure the minds of the crew saw others as enemies, because who can easily try to kill another unless you are set in your ways?

My deep personal view/opinon of making young people join the military is (but if you don’t want to know look away now):

I’ve seen how people go to war over an ideal of peace, my father spoke of souls left in the sea.  Fighting for peace seems a sick joke.  Traditions that harm are repugnant in my mind.  Make no mistake: Beautiful, kind & loving ideas get used to make divisions, nationalities, ethnicities, empires and organised religion, so that abusers can get at the vulnerable and rise to power and dominate others!  However, I see personal identity and non-labelled spirituality as a totally different thing to nationality and religion.  Nothing needs fighting over if we are all in this together, because then we would look for compassionate solutions to world/Earth problems.  There, said my piece as I unruffle my feathers before breakfast and get ready to go, arrive on time and do my best.

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