Guest of nature

Some don’t appreciate efforts made or sadly can’t.ย  It can dishearten, to spending the very little spare money on something such as a bunch of beautiful flowers, bought forth for a guest’s arrival like a prize, only for them to go unnoticed.ย  So think on this, that if nature is an entity, how would nature feel when ignored and unappreciated?ย  So my friend imagine that nature is an entity and please notice the scent, beauty and colours of the wild flowers, the variety of the bird song, even the different skies from bright sun to the dark clouds full of drip, drip, drips of rain upon windows.ย  Take stock of it all.ย  Appreciate when nature displays the wonders of creation upon our life.ย  As it is for our senses as any others upon this good Earth to be enjoyed, appreciated and experienced in all its variations and amazeful wonder.ย  We are indeed lucky to be nature’s guests.

beautiful environment field flora
Photo by Mina-Marie Michell on


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