Dharma Moon

So many names for the full moon at this time of the year, from Hay Moon or Buck Moon or this time Dharma Moon.  “Hay Moon did the Earth block the sunshine from being reflected from you last night?”  Apparently there’s been a lunar eclipse last night meaning the full moon seemed dull.  Check out this quote from The Statesman:

According to NASA, a lunar eclipse occurs when the earth moves between the sun and the moon which is why the moon looks different. It is because of the specific positioning of Earth between the Moon and the Sun, the Earth blocks the sunlight which is what causes the Earth’s shadow to fall upon the moon. This is why the moon looks darker, but due to this being a penumbral lunar eclipse, the Moon will move through the outer part of the Earth’s shadow, thus becoming very faint.’

woman holding a moon
Photo by Ruvim on Pexels.com

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