One place

There’s so many places where I could have died, but didn’t.  LOL  All the accidents on motorbikes, flung from the back of a van, blood losses, illnesses (thank you for the cures NHS) and plenty of near misses of all sorts of scraps like some A&E report book.  Same goes for you I suppose, right?  Yet here we are alive and kicking.  Me typing and you reading this later all comfy and well I hope.  Anyways, I’ve looked on Google maps at one particular place I nearly got shot and I think it was a year later I nearly got stung to death (that’s just me being dramatic) by hornets chasing me through the same field!!!  It was upon a public footpath/lane through a field off a quiet road, in a lonely spot in the countryside, not too far from an unusual picturesque church, near a river (quiet specific in the details don’t you think) in England.  Well I could have, but didn’t as when motivated I can really run for the clappers (in both instances).  So I’m still here, not so much tell the tale, but to realise how weird that would have been, to die there of all places, but then again I’m going to do it somewhere I guess and I hope not yet for some time, for I’ve a lot more trees to plant, people to annoy, wild places to stroll and take in the views.

agriculture clouds countryside cropland
Photo by Ákos Szabó on


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