Violent reactions

I can see the truth of how good generates good, then that in turn generates more good and so on and so forth… ad infinitum.  So surely that’s what to go for.  As the opposite is also a truth, of how wrongs generate wrongs… until someone says “Enough!” and refuses to become a part of that.  Isn’t there “Enough!” already?  Truth:

Violent reactions do NOT right wrongs, they just make more! 

left fist
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I wish everyone knew that in their heart, especially in the heat of the moment (including me if I ever start to get caught up in someone else’s aggressive actions).  We all know deep down, that by doing any type of violent reaction (words or deeds) it’s just going to pile more wrongs on top like some shiteful, spiteful mountain of rage.  Oh and then of course,  reacting badly against someone’s anger just turns back yet again to bite everyone on the arse!  I see all this saddening violence as destructiveness personified.  We need constructiveness.  Isn’t it a sad failure of the human species?  I feel we’ve to yearn much more in our hearts, get strong in there and overcome this mountain.  For what a waste of life!  What a waste of this precious vitality and creativity, to go down the road of violent reactions.  The truth is right there so plain to see, that unless someone says in their heart “Enough!” it will surely carry on and on…  I feel that when we all really yearn so much for kindness, compassion and peace in the world, then as we work towards it, it will come into being.  Thing is if it was commonsense then violence would stop right now, but the common thing to do is to rehash the same ol’ same ol’, the mentality of an eye for an eye shite.  Well I’m not a mathematician, but even I can see the maths of doing something good and kind as adding up, just as violence is wrong and brings on a minus to all concerned.  You with me on this?  Please get on board.  For kindness is the difference between right and wrong, so draw on that and if you get violent feelings, please just walk away or run, perhaps exercise instead and concentrate on that or try to be friends.  Convinced or confused, I don’t mind which, just as long as once you know what I mean and then see there’s a wrong been/being done, that the buck stops there!  End of!  Finished!  History.  No dragging it out further, please don’t react and like this long boring paragraph, just STOP, relax and think “F~nee~toe!”

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