This view

I take the view that it is best not to dwell in the past or future, especially not the silent sadness of regrets or I suppose the dreaded wishes of some “Happy” future demanding things into existence.Β  I admit to being like any of us, that at some point we all take part in a pity party.Β  Yet to live compassionately in this moment can be a job sometimes, but I advise you and myself to work on doing just that Beloveds.Β  Take heart, for when we think unkindly of ourselves in those thoughts of past times, it is then we might feel we’ve done nothing or we think we will do nothing again, but it’s then we are forgetting that we have lived through and we can do so again.Β  Take heart.

In this moment here, this is everything.Β  Everything is not then or there, but here and now to be appreciated, with perhaps some joyfulness within or at least lived in peace.Β  For this is the moment for compassion abound even unto ourselves, to live in what is beyond the virtual world of craving company to validate our existence, thus missing out on the view and sounds, scents and sense of the morning, afternoon, night…Β  This is now, not then, not there, it’s here you and I are living well into the future, take in the view.

silhouette of trees at sunset
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