Clues and cost

What good comes from motoring in a set direction that may have served well once, but now has lots of huge potholes?Β  Life always gives us clues as to when something works and is good for us or no longer serves anyone.Β  Remember to weigh up the costs of changing direction and try to give time to decide the best course of action.Β  Only please also look for the clues as to whether:

  1. It’s just the changing of the season and it’ll be fine with different tyres or
  2. That you really just experienced a horrid big bump in the road or
  3. You really are going down a deathly cul-de-sac, that you’ll have a hell of a job getting out of!

It’s usually just 1. or a stinky number 2.

white and red license plate
Photo by Jan Antonsen on


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