Vive la difference

When we do NO harm we are surely love incarnate.

I reckon, to actively seek out a life that avoids endangering the very existence of others, keeping all life and limb as safe we can, well this is surely peace personified.  Why make harm befall another human or other sentient being?  That is not love, but hateful destruction.  Better to guard our actions or lack there of, to stay being aware of the consequences and actively seek the good of this world.  To see good in others and develop it within ourselves.  This is the way to go, the steps to take to be our best version.  If we live as if all life on Earth is watching, that it sees all and knows who does what.  For then to deliberately harm any shape or form of sentient, is of course destruction manifest and as the saying goes “Karma is a bitch!” so best take that into consideration, right?

odd eyed white cat
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So please, come on peoples, we need to value the other beautiful living beings sharing this world, the wonderous other sentients and the other sometime unfamiliar humans with all our wonderous differences.  There’s so many already damaged souls, we need no more harm done.  For when it comes down to that single minded thinking that [our way is the only way] or the stupidity of taking revenge for something, well that’s just stupid crap.  All such harmful shit usually goes on and on and on and on and on…  and in some insane ignorance or an eye for an eye mentality inflicts our shared mutual destruction.

So, if others aim us for the slippery slope to nowhere yet again, do we have to join in?  No!  Let’s all do our best or better and take personal responsibility for our actions.  Let’s value the other living beings sharing this world (I too have some difficulty in this sometimes).  For we might not always see it, but the differences are what makes this place so special.  Such variety of life here on Earth.  The variation that makes up another, each DNA so different and yet a hint of each of us within each of us.  Even each eye that may look the same is actually different, this is especially noticeable in distinctive iris heterochromia (differing eye colours).  Which leads me up to saying “Happy Different Coloured Eyes Day” and repeating what the peace loving Gandhi is quoted as saying:

‘An eye for an eye only makes the world blind.’

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