Going bananas

Kept myself as busy as possible today at work, in spite of the temptation to lounge.ย  I just think that’s how to make the time run, not stuck put and go like “Tick” ~ “Tock” ~ “Tick” ~ “Tock” ~ “Tick” ~ “Tock” ~ …ย  As Groucho Marx is quoted as saying ~ย ‘Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.’ย  Oh now that thought leads me on to recall the small yellow busses of Great Yarmouth, UK called the Flying Bananas.ย  Following that on again, now I’m thinking of one of my mother’s Spanish recipes of bananas cooked in vanilla syrup.ย  I’d serve that with a lovely cold blob of Swedish Glace Soy Dairy Free Vanilla ice cream.ย  How’s that for a mental journey and going bananas?

photo of banana
Photo by Hรฉctor de la Torre on Pexels.com



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