Funny turns

Up at silly o’clock, heavy thoughts, pondering all the patience I’ve put myself through, to actually get through.  There was quite a few, but to the woman who actually pushed into the very space in front of my hand, just to get to her choice of ground coffee on the shelf and then kept getting into everyone else’s personal space: You stole my patience Pal!  I had no choice but to to let you have it, my precious, beautiful, gentle beloved patience that I need for all the things I have to do each day, especially at work.  Oh how I so wanted to verbalise “NO WAY! back off bitch!” but I didn’t and had to keep the angry in.  I had to cope with my sudden onset of frustration and fear that you might be the one to pass on death to me or those I care for.  I coped, as we all seem to be doing on a daily basis these days, coping better than we thought.  I had to check myself though and take a closed eyes gentle breathe.  You swanned off, bag of coffee in hand, then around the shop as if you owned the place.  Every now and then I could see you stop whenever YOU wanted to grab things near others, while walking hither and thither like it’s a free for all and no one else mattered.  All of us other lesser mortals, who are not so deaf to the the call to “Line up, line up, form a flippin’ queue, wait your turn and at least attempt to look patient” looked on in disbelief and coped.  Lucky for you, as I saw no one hit the ceiling, no outbursts or sparks of angry pyrotechnics.

If only everyone learnt how to share nicely or if a clever clogs who already know how to and yet thinks the message is for others and not them, then I wish they’d practice what they freakin’ preached!  Let’s hope I’m up to the challenge, as I wonder who’s next that wants a PEACE of me?

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6 thoughts on “Funny turns

    1. More people here of late in West Wales. Due to easing up on restrictions me thinks and their need to escape the towns. So there seems to be tourists everywhere, on the roads, camping, shopping and standing soooo very close in the queue! All seem to be in a world of their own.

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      1. and the man who parked right in front of the shop doors, then piled out the family into the shop and when I pointed out “There’s some hand sanitizer at the door” and smiled, he just shrugged carried on. I don’t think I could cope working in a shop, my nerves would be too jangled at the end of the day.

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