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I’m gonna start with what it is officially said to glean and being a gleaner:Β  Gleaners were traditionally allowed during daylight hours, to go into a field where it’s been harvested and find what is left to gather for their needs and that is what it is to glean.Β 

∴ Gleaning in each moment, is an art of meeting needs when all else seems taken.Β  Ponder on that, to have your needs for say peace, joyful fun, laughter, within each moment to cover over a stressful situation.Β  So you’d have to seek something within the moment that is still there and is peaceful, joyful and makes you laugh.Β  Yep, it’s an art alright and well worth the practice, but that in 1857 in England gathering in arms of food from the edges of the harvested field, yes, for some it was probably out of necessity (isn’t it always).Β  My advice: Always be a gleaner.

Gleaner 1857

4 thoughts on “Glean

      1. what is interesting to me is that we need to be told to be kind. I have noted that hunter gatherers were kind to each other within the tribe or group, and violent to members of other tribes. Even when they were not competing for resources. We have devolved to having to be told to be kind not only to the other, but ourselves as well. Dr. Bob

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      2. Is it perhaps because we are no longer surrounded by our parents, grandparents and tribes to learn things. Therefore whole nations are missing out on seeing patience in action, dancing and singing, expressions of joy and love. We are sent to school to learn…


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