Outrun Lil

So, here’s how I got into one of those convoluted t’Internet searches this morning:Β  It started with looking at YouTube and checking out Bealtaine, then seeing that Collette had used the face of Lady Lilith from the oil painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti as her profile image, then thinking of how that looks so similar to the more recent photos of the beautiful and talented daughter of someone I once knew called John, a lively, friendly bloke I met when I lived in Orkney, his daughter’s name Amy, and how she had become a successful author of a book called Outrun of which I bought and read (it’s worth getting into and hard to put down)…Β  and this my friend is how t’Internet can take any of us on a journey perhaps across the ocean in a little cabin full of the smell of sea sickness and diesel, on a rattling noisy ferry called St Ola in a terrifying storm, to arrive to a level port of lapping water and a more welcome smell of peat burning, the sound of cars upon the flag stones in the rain, the feeling of your feet welcoming solid ground like a medal for bravery, in the quiet town of Stromness where people used to not notice that you had ever been away, but perhaps now has become a busy tourist spot in summer?

round window view of the ocean
Photo by Johannes Rapprich on Pexels.com

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