If you didn’t already know, HS2 (High Speed 2) is a planned high speed railway in the United Kingdom, with its first phase under construction and future stages awaiting approval. People believed at one stage it was needed and that anything standing in the way (including ancient trees) should be disposed of. It was never true, and now more than ever it needs to be stopped as more people are working from home, as less want to commute to work or realise now how they don’t need to.

Stop the HS2

6 thoughts on “HS2

    1. It’s ecocide, as the ancient forests fall and areas of beauty will disappear. It’s like the rest of the “civilised” world of humans, where the shops all look the same and the grockles are happy for a short while.

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  1. How awful! When are governments going to do something about the environmental disaster they continue to exacerbate? To quote David Attenborough: “We must immediately halt deforestation everywhere – but we can do better than that. The government [of Costa Rica] decided to act, offering grants to land owners to replant native trees. In just twenty five years, the forest returned to cover half of Costa Rica once again. Just imagine if we could achieve this on a global scale. The return of the trees would absorb as much as two thirds of the carbon emissions that have been pumped into the atmosphere by our activities to date. … If we take care of nature, nature will take care of us.”

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    1. I’ve a lot of acorns, but that they will not be 500 year old established trees until (you guessed it)… and that is what the HS2 is pulling down, the fine layered well established structure of the soil is being churned into compacted mud and woodlands (our native Amazon) in the UK are being destroyed right now and even single trees in London pulled down in the land grab. It needs to stop!

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      1. Will they wake up? Have they not taken their moral sleeping pills when they attended “How to rule the lower classes” lessons? Wasn’t that why all of the upper crust go to those posh schools and universities, to learn how to ignore reason, talk their way out of shit and make snap decisions so they can get back to playing with guns, hunting the wildlife and generally staying morally asleep? Makes me wonder why I wanted to prove myself by going to uni, to get debt… drats, I digressed into an education rant.

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