Impact of food

The best place to store food is in your neighbours stomach.” ~African Proverb

If we had the knowledge of what environmental impacts each of our available food has, I am pretty sure plenty of ethical people would stop eating meat and start planting something/anything edible and increase doing that.Β  You see the environmental destruction caused by raising cattle is well documented, but what of the other animals and how their lives, their loves, dislikes, friendships, family…Β  Poor sentient beings, how sad we are to eat the other sentient beings that just want to do the similar things to us and we don’t actually need to do that cruelty, killing and “growing” them to be bigger than nature intended…Β  As you can see, I’m going off-piste.Β  My original intention was to try to aim my post towards typing all about Fareshare, but I suggest you look it up in an Internet search yourself.Β  Each area is doing different things with what would be wasted food.Β  If your area hasn’t got a Fareshare, then maybe you might put that idea out to your community.Β  Where was I?Β  Oh yes, I’ve spare apples growing in my garden and when the apples are the most delish and ripe, I’m going to take some to my local Fareshare (that’s where my thoughts started).Β  I love going to my local Fareshare, to repurpose and distribute to others, good food that would otherwise go to waste.

apple apple tree apples branch
Photo by Tom Swinnen on

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