Just a few

I’m not going to promote my blog, for I’ve made it for me and anyone who is looking for what the content has to offer. Maybe you dislike the things I dislike? Maybe like similar to myself? People find what they’re looking for or not online, it is a fickle place that leads us all on paths we never intended to go (don’t get me started on the sites I’ve stumbled on that had nothing to do with what I was looking for). Only I am not about to signal to the throng, as that is not really me, so I won’t be looking for promotion, ideas to advertise or anyway encourage folks to this random scribble. Thing is, it does make me wonder how each one of those who actually follow my blog found it, but not too much, as I’ve reality to be getting on with. I think I recognise regulars though, people who seem to follow each other as well and those are maybe a bit like a tribe scattered hither and thither. Several have similar interests or connections by chance or maybe I put you onto reading the things my heart has shared and I know you in the real world. Perhaps I work with you, danced with you, sat along side you… Still, you’re here now, so:

“Hello Beloveds”

You’re welcome to pop in here whenever, just I’m so sorry for those that actually know me in the real world, because there’s no visiting me at home until the pandemic is well and truly over.

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