Study Guide

  1. One regular foremost important habit to never to give up while studying:
    Being kind to your mind (rest breaks and a bit o’ fun) and care for your body (nourishment, exercise and sleep).
  2. Make a fresh [Book Review] for each read, with a full label at the top of a clean page.
    These can be just doodles, diagrams with labels, spider scribbles that you understand and when you find a good point, put that as a “quote” with author, page etc…
    For future recap, write questions to answer later, with plenty of “Why?”
  3. Don’t reread books, but try to find examples in other places (see point 9).
  4. Practice, practice, practice… patience.
  5. Other people’s opinions and critisms are their perceptions.
  6. Fail the hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia test.
  7. Mistakes are actually brilliant truths to learn from.
  8. Oh and original intelligence always seems to come with a huge dose of hilarious faux pas’, you might need to come to terms with that (others might not and here I refer back to point 5).
  9. Well read pages usually open easily.
  10. Get joined to the library before lectures begin and as soon as you can, go and take out the books recommended (I refer back to point 2).

Be unique, for you are and always will be.

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