Web of life

nature farmer dutch hd wallpaper
Photo by Matthias Zomer on Pexels.com

It takes so much actual food to “grow” an animal, and yes I do hate the idea farmers have of “growing” meat and until these beloved sentient creatures are dead, they are pigs, lambs, cows…Β  As for those poor pigs in Ireland that recently perished in a fire, but that their lives was so horrific in the first place (as seen via the farrowing crates left standing in the debris).Β  If we start talking about the web of life and reconnecting the threads, then yes animals in nature and our lives and their lives are very important, just not bloody eating them.Β  I’m thinking about those poor animals brought into being via us lot, bred just to pacify taste buds or want for a certain type of pet.Β  That to me is a web of lies, a web of death and not a web of life.Β  No need for it all and just greed, yet how easily the lies keep going.

So yes, reconnect the threads in the web of life and plant things for food and some not just for us to eat, but the wildlife in nature and animals natural to the Earth.Β  This is reconnecting the threads naturally, this is loving our shared home, this is joy of the wonderful biosphere perched upon the skin of our beloved planet Earth, all having a {{{giggle}}} of kindness, because!

red flowers butterfly wings
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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