THEIR thing

Don’t sweat it, people will hate.  If that’s their thing in their moment, it’s not your thing, let them be*.  You know what, they may also be fearful, hurt, angry, disgusted or perhaps delighted, cheerful, feel loved or moody… and all the other emotional things in between, let them at that.  Just remember: You cannot please everyone all the time!  Your job is to be kind, that and to please yourself.  Oh wait, oops, that sounds like… oh well yes that as well then, but just not in the supermarket or any public place, stay private, in your own time and space or you may get arrested!  LOL  I mean, what sort of tangent did this post just go off on?  Anyways, most important is that you be you and let the others be them.  Trust me, you cannot have it any other way.

hi haters scrabble tiles on white surface
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* Addendum: I’ve occasionally and deliberately got in the way of others, if it was going to help and of course when it was semi-safe to do so. For you always have to take into consideration, that stubbornly, hateful people are dangerous, selfish, ignorant people!

3 thoughts on “THEIR thing

  1. With social media hate has become so visible it’s definitely a good idea to step back and let people get their feelings out without getting tangled up in them. it took me a while to figure that out. Apart from my blog, I’ve tried to become much more an observer and learner than a commenter. It’s reassuring to see someone else can let it all go sometimes too.

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    1. Every last one of us that can still let it all out are the lucky ones, for not everyone can. To see some able bodied person doing an able bodied thing, this is a blessing also. We that can and we that can witness those others that can are blessed with a full life and I know I’m grateful for it.

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