Wow, I’ve made some Ketchup without a recipe and it’s delish (even if I do say so myself). What is in it you may ask, the reply of course was that it starting with frying gently some big fresh cored tomatoes (I got in a Β£1.50 “Waste Not” box from Lidl) in a tiddly bit of veg oil, oh and one chopped up peeled and cored windfall apple, oh wait and one leaf of kale well chopped up to bubble a while with a splodge of cider vinegar, fresh coriander leaves (from FareShare), salt & pepper. All blitzed thoroughly. Putting it back in the wok I added sugar and a bit more salt & pepper to taste, bubbling a bit more as I type (hope it doesn’t stick). Nope, it hasn’t, I’ve turned it off and will bottle it shortly. I feel a song coming on “Anything a factory can do, we can do better“.

Something with that ketchup?

Some people really do like their ketchup. Some are very particular about the brand, but if you can show kids how things are made early on, I think it could go towards helping them cope with changes and differences that naturally occur in life later on.

8 thoughts on “Ketchup

    1. I love that. The idea of a banana ketchup intrigues me. I often fry a banana in my fry ups for breakfast (not that I eat fry ups that often). Is it tangy? What colour and consistency is it? Said like Babs in Chicken Run “Ah’d be reet excited to put some o’ tha’ in me cake oil!”

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