Apparently I’ve blogged for six years, but that I changed direction and started this blog 17th October 2018 and have posted 623 blog posts of this and that ever since. I think I’ve kept my anonymity, but that hackers can find out just about anything me thinks. I like looking at what others of a similar disposition are up to, saying, thinking, so maybe others do likewise. I seriously don’t blog to prove I’m an expert or to market me. Blogging is a strange mix of connection, but staying anon and out of the limelight. Well that’s how it is for me, to share something or express something, then just let it float away into t’Internet and blend into the background noise of it all or perhaps be of use to someone, somewhere, sometimes, somehow?


2 thoughts on “2018

  1. Great chilled attitude, and I always enjoy reading your blogs, so you’ve made one stranger’s life a bit brighter (and probably plenty of others) πŸ™‚

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