After coming home from work and eating, I slept in my clothes so swiftly.  Waking up a few hours later was disorientating.  Thing is, if it wasn’t so cold I would go to take a look for moths using my torch, but of course I’m out by a month to take part in “Moth Night“.  I do love moths, especially the way they blend in to their environment visually.  The most times I’ve seen many in one place being busy, has been when camping and using the all night bathroom facilities.  Always full of moths of all types dotted here and there flapping or on the walls and especially near the lights.  Lovely creatures.  

Such covert beauty.

… A few hours later I wonder what blogs have been written and appeared on wordpress. In the meantime I’ve been looking at others on YouTube walking in their forest gardens and mudlarking. Am I becoming a moth or is it time to call it a night?

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