In the room

As covid-19 has become the elephant in the room, perhaps I might bring your attention to other issues (yet keeping to the same large plant-eating mammal theme): Aren’t we all fed up with turning on the ele~vision to relax, only to be bombarded with irr~elephant Trump~etted shite? Let’s iron out the wrinkles in our argument, use the grey cells and make our shared environment a priority! Money isn’t ivorything, please ignore those trunk with greed and make “NHS not HS2!” herd UK. Oh and don’t get me started about those who think it’s fine to pack a trunk and go via dumbo jet!!! Lastly though, let’s make sure this sticks in all our collective memories, that kindness wasn’t a thankless tusk, as 2020 was the year of rainbows. STAND FOR THE TREES


We won’t forget!

p.s. HS2 = High Speed 2 Stupidity, that has no business case, no environment case, no money to pay for it and is cutting down ancient woodland for an idea that means no sense at all, especially now.

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