So, if you live in the UK, I request you ask yourself: “If the BBC doesn’t report on the destruction of our UK environment due to HS2, but has it’s focus fixed firmly on a fly that landed on the vice president of America‘s head during an interview, does that mean the BBC newsreel is corrupt?” I know what I conclude.

Fly on the wall in your house.

So, also you have choices in life and those choices say who you are. Will you carry on watching the syrup stuff that makes you sick or get what’s really going on? You have to dig for gold, same with real news.

2 thoughts on “News

    1. Totally agree 100% and if I miss out on something important I need to know, then so be it. For the content I put into my life is more important, so I’m not prepared to mentally swim through the dross to get to the silver. There’s far too much dross being repeated on the “News”.


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